Materials & Formats

Odoo • Bild und Text

Acrylic Premium

A fine art print mounted behind an anti-scratch coated acrylic glass for a shiny, luminescent, nearly three dimensional appearance of your artwork. It is stabilized by an aluminium compound plate and held by a 2.5mm aluminium frame.

Odoo • Bild und Text

Made in Germany

All IRIS PHOTOS are manufactured in our own production in Leipzig.

Highest Quality

We promise the highest quality standards for your personal piece of art.

Shipping Worldwide

We ship worldwide - carbon neutral and with reduced packing material.


40x40 cm
230,00 €
50x50 cm
320,00 €
60x60 cm
410,00 €
80x80 cm
670,00 €
100x100 cm
1.200,00 €
120x120 cm
1.600,00 €
150x150 cm
2.000,00 €

excl. shipping: Germany 9,50 EUR, EU 20 EUR, worldwide 50 EUR; bigger formats (from 100x100cm) 100 EUR. All prices include VAT.