IRISPHOTO Galeria Colmar

Gallery Nantes

Wed Tue Fri: 13h to 18h30
Sat: 11h to 18h30
Sun: 13h to 18h

26 Mail des Chantiers,
44200 Nantes
tel: +33 (0) 2 49 62 23 38

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Nantes at a glance

"The latest trends in photography, IRIS PHOTO.ART Nantes is where you will find them! A unique concept and result, incredibly personal. We turn your IRIS into a spectacular work of art! 

Sublimamos su iris, para explotar todos los detalles ydetalles, todos los matices que lo convierten en un cuadro singular.

Meet us in our gallery in Nantes and discover the city and its culinary specialties. Embark on a flat-bottomed boat and discover the charm of the region Loire-Atlantique.

- Make your iris an eye-catching piece of art!"
Xavier Thebault

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Kartendaten © 2022