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You are creative, good with people, can sell and want to create unique art?

Open your own IRIS PHOTO Gallery in your country and become a successful entrepreneur.

  Invest in your IRIS PHOTO CAMERA
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Your Benefits


You'll receive extensive training on everything you need to know - from talking to customers to shooting the photo.


We are here for you - we'll

help you with everything while you're setting up your IRIS PHOTO Gallery.

Clear Communication

Tell us everything - we do too.
Our co-operation is a dialogue and not a monologue.

We are a young and self-made company. Friendly colleagues and an informal working atmosphere make us the IRIS PHOTO family.

Creative Work

Not your boring nine to five job -
You create art!


We provide you with all the equipment you need. Any questions? We're your technical support!
Our concept:  

Since 2012 we developed the IRIS PHOTO system, that allows us to generate and sell iris photos with markets highest quality.
Heart of it is our unique camera system, developed, designed and produced in-house uniting years of expertise in iris photography with the art of electronic engineering. The camera is highly detailed data runs through a complex post-production process resulting in a high resolution file. The order process, billing and customer relation management is done trough our sophisticated software. The production of the final artworks is made in Germany and sent worldwide.
The concept of our franchise system is a combination of our technique, know-how and infrastructure with your knowledge of the local market and your creativity in building your own branch - a joining of forces.

Our collaboration flow:  
  • We work together on the different possibilities, helping you with our experience.

  • Whether in a gallery, a photo studio, as an extension of an optician or at events. There are countless possibilities to integrate iris photography into your business or to start a new one. Increase your sales by offering your customers a unique concept.

  • There is no need to be an expert photographer, but you need to know the basics about taking pictures and retouching. Our IRIS PHOTO-shooting process is a very sensitive macro process that needs some practice.

  • We define together the selling price for each product, taking in account the local economical circumstances

  • We discuss the contract and it´s details.

  • We build the camera system and configure your account.

  • We work out together the appearance of your store or IRIS PHOTO business.

  • We hold a two weeks seminar in Hamburg (Germany), or in your country.

    The seminar includes:

    IRIS PHOTO Shooting Process - IRIS PHOTO Retouching Process - Administration in ERP Software - Selling Process - Customer Relation Management - Order Process - Knowledge about the final products - FAQ´s from Customers

A fair fee range for your benefit: 

We charge a initial fee that includes:

  • IRIS PHOTO Camera (including controls and IRIS PHOTO - Lighting System)
  • IRIS PHOTO Table (electro-mechanic height adjustable table with a specially developed headrest)
  • High end computer-system optimized for digital picture processing
  • Hardware-calibrated monitor inclusive calibration device
  • All programs needed for shooting and retouching
  • Training of the franchisee or a representative
  • Our Corporate Identity (website, flyers, business cards, etc.) 
  • Support with the conception and design of your IRIS PHOTO appearance
  • Integration in our ERP Software and Website

Technical Features:

  • Sophisticated operating concept
  • Height adjustable electric table
  • Ergonomic headrest
  • Manual controlled focus rail for the feeling of sharpness
  • Precision flash system to eliminate reflections
  • High resolution for big format printing
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Reliable and transportable 
Odoo • Image and Text

 "Since the opening of IRIS PHOTO (June 2020) in our studio we have known a dazzling growth and we are really fascinated to be able to offer a unique high quality product with prices adapted to the Belgian market. 

We remain passionate, creative at all time. Our customers are delighted and the word of mouth is our best business asset. The adventure has only begun. Thank you Felix and Olivier for trusting us."

Ivan Verzar, photographer


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A lot of time, know-how, books, research and development, 3D printer, electronical implementation, lighting performance - enter in our laboratory. 


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