IRIS PHOTO.ART Gallery Cherbourg

Gallery Cherbourg

Tue Wed Fri:
10h to 12h - 14h to 18h30
10h to 13h - 14h to 18h30 
10h to 13h - 14h to 19h

53 rue Gambetta,
50100 Cherbourg en Cotentin
tel: +33 (0) 6 63 83 86 04

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Cherbourg at a glance

"The latest trends in photography, IRIS PHOTO.ART Cherbourg is where you will find them! A unique concept and result, incredibly personal. We turn your IRIS into a spectacular work of art! 

We sublimate your iris, to exploit all the details, all the nuances that makes it a personal and unique artwork.

Meet us in our gallery in Cherbourg and discover the city and its culinary specialties. Embark on a flat-bottomed boat and discover the charm of the region Cotentin.

- Make your iris an eye-catching piece of art!"
Karen Kiffert