Materials and Formats

Here you can find the different products that our galeries offer. With this you can already have an idea about your choice.

The staff at the gallery will be pleased to help you with further information .

Acrylic Premium

A Fine-Art-Print mounted behind an anti-scratch coated Acrylic Glass for a shiny, luminescent nearly three dimensional appearance of your artwork. It is stabilized by an aluminium compund plate and held by a 2.5mm aluminium frame.

40cm x 40cm to 150cm x 150cm

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Alu-Dibond Premium

A Barytaprint wound up on an 4mm strong aluminium compound plate, held and stabilized by a aluminium frame on the backside. A modern and noble presentation of your irispicture.

40cm x 40cm to 100cm x 100cm

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Wood-Frame Premium

A Barytaprint wound up on an aluminium compound plate in an noble oakwoodframe secured by an optical-interference glass with anti-reflective coating guarantees a high-end presentation of your irispicture - made for eternity.

40cm x 40cm to 100cm x 100cm

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The print is wound up on a 3mm aluminium compound plate, ready to hang up with an attached holding system
- sure in style and concentrated on the essence.

30cm x 30cm to 60cm x 60cm

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Alpha Frame

The print is wouvnd up a foamboard with an aluminium layer for a distortion-free presentation of your picture.
A black aluminium-frame presents your irispicture in a modern way.

30cm x 30cm bis 60cm x 60cm

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Illuminated Frame

Printed on a special acrylic-glas and a LED-Light system allows a flat frame with an equal illuminated picture. 
An amazing unique fine art piece that will light up your most loved room.

50cm x 50cm to 120cm x 120cm

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