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In 2012 I, the photographer Felix Mayrl, made my first public appearance with the iris photography. An art form dedicated to the beauty and diversity of the iris of every human being. An innovative idea, the likes of which had never been seen before.

As pioneers in this new branch of portrait photography, my partner Olivier Colin, the engineer Philipp Weiss and I have been pushing our project ever since. Technically, it has been an exciting journey with a multitude of designs, experiments and successes. Operationally, there have been just as many encounters and experiences, stations and turns. The result is a hitherto unrivalled quality of images and the establishment of the IRIS PHOTO brand.

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Our motivation was not only the fascination for the beauty of each iris, but above all the technical challenge and the inventiveness, which are still our motivation today.

The centerpiece of our quality is a unique camera system, which is designed, constructed and produced in-house. It combines our years of experience in artistic iris photography with the possibilities of modern technology.

We work creatively in many disciplines: a combination of optics and lighting technology, electronics and programming, design and ergonomics, 3D printing and painting, wood and metal processing....

.... and of course with passion.

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Odoo • Text and Image