Prices and Materials

Odoo • Bild und Text


Prints on aluminium Dibond are absolute IRIS PHOTO classics: They are simple and unobtrusive and have a contemporary yet timeless look. You might almost say: Everyone loves them. 

Aluminium Dibond is a composite material. It is 3 mm (1/8 in.) thick and has 3 layers. Two aluminium layers with a platinum white look sandwich a black polyethylene core. The lateral face is black.

Direct Print on Dibond
Print on Photo Paper
80 € 105 €
110 € 145 €
160 € 210 €
230 € 290 €
305 € 385 €
410 € 535 €
480 € 635  €
90x90cm 655 € 860 €
100x100cm 680 € 890 €
120x120cm 1.030 € 1.350 €

*We integrate one or more iris photos in the square format of your choice, for an additional 25€ per person.

Our new artwork

We also offer long formats, e.g. 40x80cm or 30x90 in a magnificent composition!

Odoo • Text and Image

Direct Print On Aluminium Dibond

We print directly on the aluminium using a modern, 7-colour technique using top-grade UV Fine Art inks. Colours are highly saturated, even in large monochrome sections. Good tonal gradation ensures accurate reproduction. Direct prints on aluminium are matte and glare-free.

1. 7-colour print
2. Aluminium layer with print
3. Synthetic core

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Photo Print On Aluminium Backing

Your photo print is laminated with a thin film for protection and mounted on the aluminium Dibond without any bubbles.

The photo print is exposed with state-of-the-art laser technology and developed traditionally. We guarantee 75 years of brilliance from our photo prints

1. Photo print with UV protective laminate
2. Aluminium sheet
3. Black polyethylene core
4. Aluminium sheet

Photo Print in Frame

Our Photo Prints On Aluminium arrive ready to hang with wall-mounts attached to backing. However, for some pictures or rooms a frame is the better choice.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Text and Image

Aluminium Rails

The ideal and stable wall-mount for secure and easy installation is provided. This is included in the price.

Made in Germany

All IRIS PHOTOS are produced in one of the world's most renowned laboratories in Germany, nominated with the TIPA Award 2023 as "Best Photo Laboratory in the World".

Highest Quality

We promise the highest quality standards for your personal piece of art.

Shipping Worldwide

We ship worldwide - no matter where you live