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Round Products

Round photo prints create a unique accent when they are hanging on your wall. The geometric shape becomes a unique element of the visual design, emphasizing the expressive power of your IRIS PHOTO. 

Round Photo Prints: Your Photo In A Circle

Whether you want to create a bulls-eye look or are thinking about designing a custom collage of different sizes, circle prints are especially eye-catching. The lack of edges or corners can be used to reinforce the shape of your iris or to set a deliberate contrast to other photos hanging nearby.

Round Acryl Glossy
Round Chromaluxe

140 €
230 € 235 €
325 € 370 €
430 € 520 €
570 € 725 €
785 € 1.030 €
970 € 1.265 €
90x90cm 1.300 € 1.635 €
1.420 € 1.760 €


Choose the round format for your product:
Acrylic Glass

With this shape, there is no boundary between you and the picture the way there is with a framed picture, for instance. Instead, your IRIS PHOTO integrates harmoniously into the space, creates colorful accents, or gives photo walls a special charm.

Odoo • Text and Image

Aluminium Rail Rectangle

All round formats come with hanging system, too.

Odoo • Text and Image

Made in Germany

All IRIS PHOTOS are produced in one of the world's most renowned laboratories in Germany, nominated with the TIPA Award 2017 as "Best Photo Laboratory in the World".

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We promise the highest quality standards for your personal piece of art.

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