Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

We're taking your IRIS PHOTO with a self-developed and self-constructed camera system, produce your piece of art at sight in our very own production in Leipzig and ship it to you (worldwide!).

How much is an IRIS PHOTO?

That depends on the material and format of your choice. You can see our product range here.

How long does an IRIS PHOTO take?
The fotoshoot itself only takes about 5 minutes. The production of your photo depends on the size chosen by you but approx. 3 weeks.
Can I get a digital copy of my IRIS PHOTO?
You can purchase your digital copy of your photo for 80 EUR. A physical picture does not come with a digital copy.
I wear contact lenses. Is that a problem?
Not a problem! You can either leave them in or take them out in our gallery, we do have contact lense liquid. However, some contact lenses do render the picture so we advise our customers to take them out. Also, your eyes need to be open for at least 20 seconds straight. Some people find it difficult or uncomfortable to keep their eyes open with contact lenses.
Do you sell vouchers?
We do have vouchers! You can either purchase them via our contact form on our material page or you can write us an email. Please note: we're shipping all our vouchers by post. You can use all vouchers in all our galleries, no matter where you've bought it.
Can I combine my iris with my partner's iris?

We see the iris as a piece of art by itself so currently we are only offering single picture IRIS PHOTOS. However, we're working on a good-locking high-quality solution for this.

Can I bring my child?
We do photograph children as well. However, earliest age we recommend is 3 years. The reason behind that is that the child has to sit still for at least 20 seconds and the iris colour of your child isn't fully developed until later.
Can I bring my pet?
We love animals! So far, we've photographed cats and dogs but would like to try out more!
How can I pay?

You can pay cash or with debit card, Mastercard or Visa.

Why do my green eyes look yellowish blue in my photo?

Actually, there are no green eyes at all, the eyes of all people are blue. However, pigments in our eyes determine how we perceive a colour. If the concentration of melanin in the pigments is low, it acts like a yellow filter and makes blue eyes appear green.

My IRIS PHOTO looks different on different devices. Why is that?

This has to do with the device itself and what kind of resolution and colour coding it has.