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The image of an eye has originally been used for medical documentation. Taking an iris as an individual piece of art for home use is a concept we developed in 2012.

We shoot your iris photo in world leading quality with a self developed and self built camera system. In a time-consuming manual process we then make even the finest nuances of your iris visible. The finished piece of art is produced and sent to your home.

We have the maxim to reproduce the eyes as lifelike as possible. The colours and structures of the iris are reproduced without loss. Our overall artistic concept, however, requires the iris to be round and symmetrical against a dark background. This abstracts the subject from the original image, which appears medical, organic and non-round, and creates a higher aesthetic value.

In principle we recommend booking an appointment through our system. Then we are more undisturbed. But you can also come and visit us in our galleries during opening hours.

We offer over 1000 different variations. The costs depend on the chosen material and format and range from 55€ to 1720€. You can read our materials and prices here.

The photo shoot itself takes between 5 and 10 minutes. However, you should plan at least half an hour for the stay with us. The production time of the artwork will then take about 2 weeks.

No, our technology is absolutely safe and harmless. We work with great sensitivity and very efficiently so that you do not have to open your eyes for an unnecessarily long time.

Depending on their strength, contact lenses can cause disturbing effects such as refraction and tear film. They should therefore be removed for optimum quality. We provide all the necessary utensils for you in our galleries.

We have vouchers! You can either order them in our shop or you can send us an e-mail. You can either choose a free amount in the shop or buy directly the amount matching a product. Please note: We send the vouchers by post. All vouchers are redeemable in all galleries in the respective country.

We know that each iris is unique and an artwork in its own right. That is why we want to present each iris in the most beautiful way. We therefore do not offer collages that circumcise the iris. However, several irises on one picture or in a frame are possible.

It is not easy to set a general minimum age. As a guideline we recommend 5 years old. For a successful iris photo we need a few minutes in which the person holds their head still on a headrest and looks straight ahead. You are certainly the best judge of whether your child will put up with such treatment and be able to remain calm. Experience has shown that it is a good prerequisite if the child would like to have a photo of his or her own eye.

In our galleries you can pay in cash or by EC or credit card. Reorders and vouchers in our online shop can also be paid by Paypal and bank transfer.

Yes, that is possible. Especially with dark eyes, the result is often very surprising and beautiful, as you usually cannot see them so well in everyday situations. But with our technology we can lighten even the darkest eye and make its sand-like pigmentation visible. Have a look at our gallery on the start page. There you will also find brown eyes.

Green eyes are mystical and something very special. This is also because, strictly speaking, they do not exist. At least not as pigmentation on the iris. The basic structure of an iris always has a blue colour caused by light refraction. On top of this there is the pigment melanin. This occurs in dark and light brown or yellow form. If there is a hint of yellow over the blue, the eye appears green. Due to the high magnification of our photography, the two basic colours are seen separately.

It has to do with the devices and has nothing to do with the picture itself. You get the best colour representation with our print products.